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My name is Cristel Elizabeth John.  I am a freelance translator/ copy editor/ proof reader and occasional private English and German tutor.  

Born in the UK to a German mother and British father, my upbringing was completely bi-lingual. I was educated in Wales, Canada (Newfoundland) and Germany, where I concluded my formal schooling with the German ‘Abitur' and went on to study Social and Political Sciences at J.W. Goethe University in Freiburg.

After university, I gained considerable international work experience through employment in responsible positions, initially in the tourism and airline industry in Frankfurt, Germany, later in Wales as assistant to company directors in the fields of Fundraising,  Higher Education, Local Government, and Local Health Services.  A gap year in the United States before attending university provided me with exposure to the American workplace and American English.

During my spare time I enjoy reading, writing (of course!), photography, music, travel, networking, walking, culinary arts and yoga.

My interests are many and varied and include languages, the Arts, history, archaeology, Middle Ages (primarily the historical ones!), genealogy, philosophy, nature and wildlife, equestrian sports and wellness.


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