Terms and Conditions

My rates are generally based on the number of words in the target text, i.e. the target word count.  

0.06 Euro per word or 0.75 Euro per line
+5% for weekend work
+10% for rush job

Large text volume: lump sum negotiable

15 Euro per hour or 25 Euro per A4 page

Rates vary according to:

  • turnaround time (very short deadlines or immediate turnaround)
  • degree of specialisation involved (technical, semi-technical, non-technical)
  • labour-intensity (tables, advertising copy), typically charged at an hourly or ‘flat fee' rate

Documents with fewer than 250 words are subject to a minimum fee.

Unless otherwise specified, invoices are issued on project completion and are payable upon delivery of completed assignment.  A downpayment may be required.  Corporate Clients:  Invoices are payable within 30 days net.

For a free and fast price quote, please email me at info@cjwordworks.com


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