My Services

•  Translation of German into English and vice versa

•  Editing/ re-writing of previously translated material

•  Proofreading of English and German documents

•  Proofreading for grammar, punctuation, accuracy of interpretation

•  Proofreading with style-sensitive amendments

•  Conversion of US English to UK English and vice versa


•  Marketing literature and brochures

•  Articles and press releases

•  Instruction manuals and user guides

•  Websites

•  Dissertations

•  Official documents

•  Individual certificates

•  General correspondence

Copy-editing & Proofreading

Already translated material; book manuscripts (fiction and non-fiction); university papers, technical documents, marketing material, brochures, reviews.

Additional skills

Effectively dealing and communicating with people; working on several projects simultaneously; researching subject material; learning new projects efficiently and quickly.

Privacy & Security

A confidentiality / non-disclosure agreement can be provided in the case of any concerns.  I understand the need for complete confidentiality in the handling of intellectual property and personal details of my clients, and treat all documents and correspondence as confidential and proprietary information.

General Availability

As a freelancer, I am extremely flexible and able to respond promptly and expeditiously to my client's enquiries and needs.


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